Get all your training from one place.

How much does your financial institution spend on training? With a Webinar Subscription Package (WSP) from TTS, we can help you greatly reduce that expense. With over 100 titles on our website, TTS is your one stop shop for all your Webinar needs!
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The average financial institution spends thousands of dollars on every employee for training per year. We want to help you provide all the training your employees need at a fraction of that price.

We have packages available with 5 to 20 Webinar Credits and even Unlimited packages. If your institution plans to attend at least 5 Webinars per year, a WSP is for you.

Check out these great features:

  • Lower rate than purchasing individual webinars
  • Ability to choose Live, OnDemand, or CD Registrations
  • WSP Credits do not expire
  • Saves time – webinars are 90 minutes
  • Over 50 Webinars to choose from each year
  • Saves money – normal webinar price is $195

Webinar Subscription Packages:

Membership Level # of Credits Price Savings
Bronze 5 $825 15%
Silver 10 $1,565 20%
Gold 15 $2,105 28%
Platinum 20 $2,535 35%
6 Month Unlimited* $2,825 Unlimited
12 Month Unlimited* $4,725 Unlimited

*Unlimited webinar subscription packages are good for OnDemand or Live only. CD ROM and Handouts can be added for $50 per webinar.

Credit Structure

  • Live or OnDemand – 1 Credit
  • CD ROM and Handouts – 1.25 Credits
  • Live PLUS OnDemand – 1.25 Credits
  • Premier Package – 1.5 Credits

Flexible solutions that fit your Financial Institution’s needs!


With our normal webinar price of $195 you will see that you can save substantially with our Webinar Subscription Packages. The higher the Membership Level, the higher your savings! If you have 50 employees and purchase an unlimited membership, your monthly cost is less than $15 a month per employee!


Webinars allow you to train your employees as efficiently as possible. Our two-hour programs permit trainees to spend as little time away from the office as possible. Since they can train right from their desk, there is no time lost spent traveling! You can also choose pre-recorded webinars from our Web Vault for on-demand training.

Credit Union Webinar Subscription Package

Partial Program Listing

  • Annual Compliance Training for the Frontline
  • Appraisals and Evaluations
  • Branch Manager Best Practices
  • Collection Techniques
  • Compliance Rules Lenders Should Know
  • Cybersecurity Exams
  • Identifying Your Member
  • IRAs
  • Lending 101
  • Lessons Learned When Your Member Dies
  • Monitoring and Underwriting Criteria
  • Nonresident Aliens Rules
  • Opening Accounts
  • Power of Attorney Documents
  • Understanding Account Cards
  • Underwriting Skills
  • Vendor Management Best Practices

What our Customers are Saying:

  • Thought this was one of the best [webinars] we have done, and we will now do more through you. We loved the interaction on the screen during the presentation. — Lynn Hayhurst, The Bank of Georgia
  • This was a wonderful webinar! I hope to purchase the recording for all my sta . Thank you so much! — Carla Koehler, CBW
  • The speaker clarified a lot of information for me, I will not have to contact my legal counsel as often now and will be saving money on legal fees for my Credit Union. Thanks. — Lisa St. Francis, Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement FCU
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